forever changes

Chris Bradford: "Rome, 69/70: The USA west coast hippy scene was roaring here in Rome. Crosby, Stills and Nash - Love, music everywhere and gentle, colourful youth all around. I was in the beautiful thick of it - poor, hungry, homeless and happy! People weren't so fucked up back then. Italian guys impressing their girlfriends by giving you a handful of Lira, or a Nazionale ciggie or two for a bit of strumming - the tourists were great too!

I survived with the aid of my pretty looks, guitar and a useful knack of running when necessary. (See Wanderlust pages ) . There are too many crazy things to go into here, but the Love album 'Forever Changes' has a special place in my heart from those times - and the hearts of the Iranian Prince and his beautiful wife, who took a shine to me in their apartment overlooking the Via Veneto, to the sound of Aloneagainor! It was a bit more than a shine - the whole album actually, they had some great Gold Leb!

More of this in the book I hope to write when these archives are done. . . ."

Yeah, I heard a funny thing

Somebody said to me

You know that I could be in love with almost everyone

I think that people are the greatest fun

~ Alone Again Or (Arthur Lee)

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