Graham Bonnet

Chris Bradford: "When I was in Bardot, apart from our own stuff, we did hundreds of backing vocal sessions.

One of the best I can remember is Graham Bonnet's album "No Bad Habits".

Recorded at Startling Studios, Ascot. Ringo’s old, very lovely house..

Our producer, Pip Williams hired us to do the record.

Loved working with Graham. . a real gent and great fun in the local pub. . a wonderful singer as well! We have recently been in touch (Summer 2015) and I hope to see him soon. . he's bringing his band over from L.A late summer. . . "

In the late '70s Graham Bonnet nearly replaced Brian Connolly in Sweet but instead was invited by Ritchie Blackmore to replace Ronnie James Dio as the vocalist of hard rock band Rainbow. He sang lead vocals on some of the '80s hard rock/heavy metal classics: Rainbow's Down to Earth, Michael Schenker Group's Assault Attack, and Alcatrazz's No Parole from Rock n' Roll and Disturbing the Peace. He's also an accomplished songwriter, co-writing the tracks on the latter three albums.

Wikipedia has more details.

Graham is currently making preparations for a 2015 tour, the GRAHAM BONNET BAND is a four-piece hard rock outfit that also features guitarist extraordinaire Conrado Pesinato and bassist Beth-Ami Heavenstone. The band will showcase many acclaimed songs spanning Bonnet's illustrious career, plus new compositions from the band’s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled studio album.


This is Startling studios..

The house is Tittenhurst Park.. Ringo bought it from John.

I was in the same room John wrote Imagine.. extremely cool. The famous swimming pool, Dinosaurs in the grounds.. and us lot !!

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