Joe Jammer

"Joe and I first met at the Handle offices in Mayfair, late 70s .

We were both managed by David Walker, he with his band The Olympic Runners and me with Bardot. He left England for his homeland, the States, when the Punk movement pissed him off !

He's been back a few years now and we've recently hooked up again. This guy has some serious History.. a legend, still with the boundless energy he had when we first met. Check out his new album "Headway".

JOE JAMMER was given his name by Jimmy Page when he started working for Led Zeppelin in 1969 on the USA tour promoting their first album; first as a drum roadie, then as Jimmy Page’s guitar tech.

So impressed were Zeppelin with Joe’s musical abilities that they recommended to their manager Peter Grant that he manage young Joe, and Peter promptly invited him to move from Chicago to London, where he recorded his first solo album “Bad News”, which was released on the infamous Regal Zonophone label in 1973.

"Headway contains a mixture of laid back trippy soft rock, R'n'B ballads and more acid rock tinged stormers. Jammer was given his name thanks to his love of jamming and these songs showcase his wonderful, effortless and laid back style."

- Southern Daily Echo (December 2014)

Joe Jammer tearing hearts out at Sopro Music's Easter Blues Revue, 2011

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