Dr. Feelgood

My band, The Heroes, toured all over Germany with Dr Feelgood in the early 80s. We were promoting our Border Raiders album and benefited from the huge crowds the Feelgoods pulled. Wonderful, outrageous fun was had and we learned a lot from them. I embraced the whole thing: a little too much at times, but hey… lead singers do that stuff! Who let me loose on the Rieperbahn! Must have been Renshaw.

On tour, Lee in particular was extremely approachable. We shared a dressing room at a gig in Hamburg, and he and I spent half an hour discussing old Lovin Spoonful tunes. We ended up doing a duet of "Rain on the Roof". I wish I had a tape of that. Magic. We shared a few pints of good German beer as well...

On our return to England, I was keen to get back in the studio to record a few new songs, "Last Great Summer", "Scared or Brave" etc.. I got a call requesting me, Mark and Wal to do the backing vocals on the new Feelgoods album Huntin' Shootin' Fishin'. The call was from our producer, Pip Williams who was doing the record ! Wow.. "Break These Chains", "Hurricane" . . bloody brilliant tracks. I know the true Feelgooders out there will disagree probably, but I thought it was one of their best!So thanks Lee, you're gone now. . . but you were a gent.~ Chris Bradford

A Touch of Class

"We did this demo for Dr. Feelgood at the Hamper Mill Turbine House, Lee Brilleaux said I sounded more like him than he did. . . .Really low register for me, but it worked - they covered it!"

Composer: Chris Bradford, Mark Hankins

Vocals: Chris Bradford

Guitars: Pete Lennon/ Mark Hankins

Production: Pete Lennon

A Touch of Class Demo

A Touch of Class.mp3

Dr. Feelgood with Heroes on backing vocals . .

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