Andy Scott & Chris Bradford

Chris ~

"My relationship with Andy is pretty much documented: our meeting up at Shepperton Studios when we were filming his band Sweet, and mine The Heroes. At a lunch break he drove me and a couple of the band to the local pub in his Roller! Me in the front, the others swaying side to side in the back ! Contact! Andy and I were both managed by David Walker (Handle Artists, 1 Derby St, Mayfair ~ posh address ~ funky outfit ). David put me and Andy together to write songs, good move David!

'Millionaires' - that's what Andy and I called ourselves as we cruised around London, doing sessions, recording, playing tennis and causing our own brand of mayhem! Fancy free and fearless ! He'd sold the Aston Martin and the Roller: a cute black Golf convertible was our chariot around town.

The first song we wrote together was '9 Times Out Of 10'. We recorded it at Andy's studio in Primrose Hill, me singing, him playing. This was virtually the start of his solo career, he'd put out one release, 'Lady Starlight' a while before .

I played a heavy part in the next few years - 'Krugerrands' etc. and with my melodies and lyrics, his awesome guitar, arrangements and production skills, we were quite a force ! There's a list of songs we wrote at the foot of this note.

Chris "resting" in the background having done his bit! Engineer Paul "Dutch" Groothuis and Andy during recording sessions for Krugerrands, Suck it and See etc..

We were brothers: simpatico, having fun - there are some wild rock n roll tales I'd love to tell you now. . . but I'm saving them for my book!

We made a cool video of Krugerrands up in the fine city of Leeds. Featuring a host of extras. Tessa Sanderson (1984 Olympic Gold medalist for Javelin ) Linzi Drew and her mate, both stunners! Me, Gary Moberley (who played keyboards on a lot of our songs), some lookalikes and a magician! One evening after filming, Andy, Gary, Tessa and me were going out to dinner. A Limo was provided and we were gassing away when Gary uttered the immortal words to Tessa when it had dawned on him who she was.. "You're that spearchucker aren't ya" - classic Aussie accent! Andy and I looked at each other in horror!! Tessa just collapsed laughing! Gary had no idea it might not have been the most PC thing to say on reflection. She didn't give a toss, we had a fun night, she was one of the lads, a beautiful woman. Linzi and her mate were fun too, in a more drooly way (hot ladies).

Lena Lovitch heard Krugerrands and covered it with a great version called Wonderland. She put her own slant on our song and we shared the credits with her (and the royalties!).

Andy's true love was always The Sweet, and when our Millionaires time ran out he reincarnated the band in a few different forms: all brilliant, as I write he's touring with the guys. Sadly, Brian and Mick have passed away, both lovely characters with demons we probably all share in one way or another. Andy is still out there doing it! I don't know where he gets the energy, his current Sweet is a powerhouse!

We hope to write some more stuff together between Sweet tours and my ongoing projects.

As I said, we were brothers: the Millionaires - we still are! Oh yeah, I taught him to flyfish as well and he became a member of the Rock n Roll FlyFishers!"

Songs by Bradford and Scott:-

  1. Call Me
  2. Big Plans
  3. Someone In Your Corner
  4. Gotta Look Away
  5. Laughing Years
  6. Somebody Told Me
  7. Mirror Image
  8. Rebound
  9. Where I Am Tonight
  10. Before You Sleep
  11. She Said
  12. Krugerrands
  13. Face
  14. Let Her Dance
  15. Suck It And See
  16. Invisible
  17. Never Too Young
  18. Ulysses
  19. Safety Net
  20. Krugerrmental
  21. Natural
  22. Down at the Kudu
  23. 9 Times out of 10
  24. Fire in my Heart (Sweet)
  25. Gunner of Love (Sweet)
  26. I Wanna Hold You
  27. Famous Last Words

Chris and Andy's "Down At The Kudu" is the title track on a Bandcamp album "Down At The Kudu ~ Chris Bradford, Andy Scott ", along with "Where Am I Tonight", "She Said", "9 Times out of 10", "I Wanna Hold You" and "Famous Last Words".

Listen to it here and download on Bandcamp .

1-8 Bradford, Scott, Vernon

9 Bradford, Scott, Boshell

10-26 Bradford, Scott

27 Bradford, Scott, Hayes

1-11 available on Andy Scott's album "Songs for Publishing" (1984)

12-20 available on Andy Scott's album "The Solo Singles" (2013)

21 available on Sweet's album "A" (1997)

Chris, Andy & Mike Vernon

The songs from 1983, when Chris, Andy and Fleetwood Mac producer Mike Vernon wrote a collection of songs together, can now be heard here on the album "Mike Vernon Sessions (featuring Andy Scott) ", and downloaded on Bandcamp.

Listen to these Chris & Andy demos. . .

"9 Times Out of 10"

01 Nine Times Out Of Ten.mp3
      • Vocals: Chris Bradford
      • Production, Instruments: Andy Scott.

"Gunner of Love",

17 Gunner Of Love.mp3

"Fire In My Heart"

18 Fire In My Heart.mp3

Lead Singer: Paul Mario Day (Iron Maiden, Sweet).

Backing Vocals: Chris Bradford, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker.

Drums: Mick Tucker

Guitars: Andy Scott

Recorded at Red Bus Studio, Marylebone.

Gunner and Fire appear on the Sweet out-takes album " SWEET: INTO THE LIGHT ".

Click on the link to download tracks from the album.

(thanks to Gordo on the Home Sweet Home forum for the link).

A fan video of "Down At The Kudu", unfortunately mis-titled.

Vocals: Chris Bradford, Andy Scott.

Production, Instruments: Andy Scott.

Introducing Andy and Chris - Krugerrands number 2 in the Norwegian charts!

Many thanks to Kevin Smith for providing official STATIK materials, and to Andy Scott for permission to use here.

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