Soloman Field

Solomon Field . . Bounty Hunter on the run . .

an artist's impression . .

He's upset every law enforcement agency, and now even the hoods are after him!

Holed up in a cabin deep in Montana.. he takes timeout..

and reloads..

. . . come to think of it, this cabin may very well be in Honolulu. . .

I met Soloman Field for the first time on, of all places, the Island of Capri.. early 70s.

I was there with David California on a hippy jaunt ( marsbardot tales of Rome ) and had left him in our shared hotel room with a couple of girls who I knew would help his enlightening!

I wandered down to a bar I'd played in the night before.. busy then.. quiet now in the early Mediterranean evening. The only other customer in the place looked up as I walked in, nodded as if acknowledging some kind of bond, and offered me a drink and a place at his table... a cool dude this one.. I was intrigued, sat down and made friends with.. Soloman Field.. Bounty Hunter.

While David California was enlightening himself I spent hours with Soloman.. the bar filled up and much Sambuca and Grappa led to him telling me his story.. I remember it pretty well and will write it as he told me.. he must be safe now.. it was a while ago !

Bit of a Dude is our Soloman...

~ ~ o ~ ~

That Honolulu address !

Soloman Field..

Yes, I was there a month or so ago.. one of several cabins I visit round the world to check my mail etc.. on the mat this time, faded slightly in the tropical sun, were two letters addressed to me, Soloman Field.. Bounty Hunter !

Bold envelopes both.. one from 'The Countess Von Bardot' Nice.. France.. diamonds.. husband etc.

The other one was from "Sho Na Neh Ha" ( wise with wings ) my neighbor in Montana who I call Shona .. she taught me shape shifting when I was battered and bruised...

I will attend to both matters.. maybe not the diamond affair with the Countess.. tricky !

More about this as soon as I find out where I am .. how to get back and learn very quickly how to juggle all this stuff..!


APRIL 2018

A sudden change of plan ! I'm heading to Seattle to meet Chris Bradford's brother who contacted me late last night.

Chris is preparing his new album and needs my help, not my limited guitar skills but something I'm really good at.. finding people !

In this case a family member in disturbing company ! This is private stuff so I'll be quiet for a while.. all going well I'll resume the story of Soloman Field and the adventures of a Bounty Hunter.. I'm on my way to Seattle and then on to the West Country, England . . . cheers for now.


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