Another great band I got to know and hang about with - The Moody Blues. Pip was producing the Long Distance Voyager album after the one he'd completed with me and Bardot ( Rockin' in a Rhythm ). I spent a few weeks just liggin with Pip and the band.. Laurie and Ray joined in the fun !

I liked all of the Moodys.. had good chats with Justin about songwriting and his stables, sitting on a sofa with a cuppa! Had to pinch myself.

Had supper with them and Pip at Tiddy Dolls in Mayfair, London.

Graham and John were both charming but my favourite Moody was Ray.

He just bloody loved it all! The sessions I attended involved a lot of fun and stuff, mind you Pip put some huge hours in.. I remember his assistant, Henry, dashing all over the place with scores Pip had written for LDV under some pressure.

Ray invited me to his house in Fishguard, Wales, for his Birthday party.

He paid and arranged for me, Pip and 20 others to fly down in a private jet !

Oh man.. that was an all-nighter and a half.. he was kind and generous and a bit of a legend... with a few demons of course.. it's Rock n Roll after all.!

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