Como vampires?

Love came in velvet, black and red,

An ivory smile,

Slow moving mountains in the bed,

The Queen of the Nile.

And in that darkened room - unholy honeymoon.

I sit around and contemplate my fate in this hotel.

( Chris Bradford - "Velvet Black and Red" 1980 )


"San Fransisco Pete and I were hitching rides North of Rome heading for Lake Como. We had met some young rich American students on the Steps whose folks had a place up there, and as the oldies were away they invited us up there for a jam. Now then, it was getting late and we were thinking of sleeping in a field when a huge old Bentley stops for us. Inside was a dodgy looking chauffeur and a Count. Well, we get in the back seat and all is fine - a few strange looks but we were used to that anyway, then he invites us to stay in his castle and meet the Countess. It was getting a little creepy, what with the driver licking his lips and sniggering. The car pulled into a remote gas station. Pete and I looked at each other, jumped out, guitar and flute in hand and ran like fuck!!! Slept in a field that night (never was a field more comfortable) and made our way to Como the next morning. We had a blast up there, livin the dolce vita for a week or so and then back to Rome…."

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