Jules Rimet

Chris's Dad was quite a big deal in Her Majesty's Royal Air Force. One day in 1966 Squadron Leader Bradford came home with two tickets for a particular football match to be played at Wembley Stadium.

With his typical modesty and dry humor, he feigned ignorance of the magnitude of his acquisition.

Yep, World Cup Final tickets.

And the Squadron Leader really never even liked footy.

Chris was just 16 - so off he went to Wembley with his little brother Jeff, 13 and witnessed history being made.

Many have often wondered how many of that crowd who watched Bobby Moore lift the Jules Rimet trophy, are still around! They were certainly the youngest as far as he could see.

Geoff Hurst scores - England 3 W. Germany 1

All this glory was obviously inspirational for the future songs of Mars Bardot, and in particular The Circles…

When I was at school, a football hero, England captain was my dream.

Then I met a man with songs and words.

And everybody gets impressed at sixteen…

“And it all involves the circles,

Kids never seem to change,

All in uniforms and looking strange”.

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