Chris -
"When Mark and I parted company, Palomino busted, and me in and out of Rome, he got right back in the saddle and formed Randy with Brian Wallis..bass player with Palomino.
A great Country Rock band.. I was envious for a while til I got myself together. . wrote a bunch of stuff and got Bardot together!
Eventually Mark and I reunited again with the fine band - Heroes!
Me and Hankins have been a good team and old friends for many years now, a wonderful guitar man.. the real thing ! "
The line-up:-
  • Mark Hankins - guitars, vocals
  • George Lloyd - guitars, vocals
  • Wally Wallis -bass, vocals
  • Neil Coleman - drums, percussion
  • Jonathan Glempser - pedal steel guitar

Mark & Brian in the studio..

Brian "Wally" Wallis - bass.


More recent photo of George Lloyd.

Mark Hankins: " . . .the only fan mail I recall Randy ever getting. Johnny Cash eat your heart out. . . ."

Randy (left to right) Neil, George, Mark, Jonathan, Wally

Wally at the mic.

Mark & Neil at the Speakeasy

George Lloyd and Mark Hankins on the Ruskin House Folk & Blues website