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Heroes - The Circles

Hi.. I am Chris Bradford - thanks for visiting Mars Bardot .

It's sort of an archive/ collection of stories, videos, music and photos of my life as a singer songwriter/ musician.

From the early days when I was a folksinging hippy in Rome, through early bands to successful bands and interesting folk I've met along the way! There's also a stack of music, ranging from simple demos to full blown, la dee dah records.
I hope you find it interesting . . 

Buzz and I have had a lot of fun putting it together! 


Coming soon in 2018 ..

Dr. John B.Winterface ~ Ghosthunter

"Cold nimble fingers danced all along my spine . . . my first encounter with the Ghosthunter, famous in the USA,
Dr John B. Winterface..."

(Chris Bradford 2018)




You can find these albums and singles, and many more on Noisetrade, Jamendo and Bandcamp.

The Bloody Rajahs